Now a few health coaching points: Checking in with you to let you know that during the Shelter-in-Place rule, I am available by cell phone at 707 592-0335 for medical questions preferably from 9 AM until 4 PM to accommodate prescription needs and pharmacy hours. Call after hours if urgent.

Be sure to follow the up-to-date, reliable Public Health recommendations and restrictions, especially the 6 feet or more distancing. Many are still standing in long lines closer together.

Call me specifically for breast and pelvic health issues, pain, bleeding, vaginitis, UTI symptoms, etc. as before. Do not go to the ER for these symptoms unless they are dire and for some reason, you cannot reach me.

Review all of your medications. Order your prescription refills at least a week or more in advance and try not to run out. As usual, call your pharmacy first and they will contact me.

It has never been more important to make healthy choices, especially in nutrition, exercise, stress management and cessation of smoking, vaping, excessive alcohol, etc.

Though we are apart, we are not alone. Stay in your family, friend, small group and large group circles by phone and social media.

Attend faith services on-line. Pray for God’s strength as you encourage yourself and help and encourage others.

Call me if I can help further. My staff and I are eager to resume normal office hours and direct care as soon as feasible. Our office will prepare for the safest environment possible on return.

May God bless you and yours in this special time. Sincerely and stay well.

John Armstrong, Staff and our Mascot Dutch the wonder dog!