Women's Health Autumn 2020 Staying In Touch and Connected

Women's Health Autumn 2020 Staying In Touch and Connected


We often hear...'How are you doing'? Today I ask...'How are you REALLY doing'?

Real life can be challenging. Then came Covid-19, wildfires, smoke, evacuations, power shut offs and yes, politics. Today more than ever it’s important to be and stay as healthy as possible.

So, the question and opportunity is WHAT and HOW to do just that.

  1. Covid-19.
  2. Anxiety and depression. Covid-19 did not help this!
  3. Osteoporosis.
  4. Cardiovascular disease.
  5. Cancer; especially breast, ovarian, uterine, cervical, vaginal, vulvar and colon.
  6. Obesity and diabetes.
  7. Auto accidents and accidental falls
  8. The time-honored strategy to manage these is still the same...PREVENTION AND EARLY DETECTION.

We all need an individual plan to address each of the above by identifying our strengths and vulnerabilities. Then one can create a strategy to win back our health once and for all.

Our best evidence-based research now REDEFINES the annual checkup. We have found that there is too much to cover once per year in 45 to 60 minutes. The new strategy is to plan the work and work the plan better than ever. It just takes a little more time. So annual is now biannual (twice per year).

We keep your annual check-up basically the same and intersperse a 6 month review in between to be sure we are on track. It is also a good time to reexamine those areas that pose the most risk based on your prior history, family history, new conditions and current health. As you know our center piece for women is CANCER PREVENTION AND EARLY DETECTION. Along with pap testing, ULTRASOUND is the miracle technology for monitoring and diagnosing women’s pre-cancers and cancers early.

We will begin sending 6-month reminders for this interval step and you are welcome to participate. We will bill the appropriate screening and diagnostic codes so that your insurance plan knows their responsibility in covering these essential services. We have strict hygiene, exhaust ventilation protocols and our office remains Covid-19 safe. For those who prefer, virtual visits are also available.

I encourage each of you to prioritize your health as we move into a new and exciting season of managing the Big 7. The reasons are here, the science is here and our staff are here to accommodate your women’s health needs with this extra focus. One that truly makes a difference.

To Your Health!

Dr. Armstrong and Staff



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