Women's Health Summer 2020

Women's Health Summer 2020


With so much going on, how do we connect the dots regarding the (3 C’s)?

COVID-19: It is imperative that we stop the spread of Covid-19 AND remain open for Women’s Essential Health services.  Having closed for 3 weeks in March, we are now open for 3 months.  We follow strict safety protocols and see only one patient in the office at a time.  Our discussions pre and post examination are conducted at a distance.  We have perfected this new normal and it works very well.  Virtual visits by phone and face time are also available.

CANCER AVOIDANCE: Comprehensive and simple planning can immensely improve our odds of NOT dying of cancer.  There are only 2 tried and proven ways to beat cancer.  Be blessed to not acquire it and/or find cancer EARLY, BEFORE SYMPTOMS OCCUR.

To find cancer EARLY, we must look for it PRESENTLY.  Simple RISK ASSESSMENT and the MIRACLES of ULTRASOUND imaging are the keys to cancer avoidance planning and early detection.  A recent review of 35 well-designed studies of over 400,000 screening examinations reveals that breast ultrasound consistently improves the detection of early-stage (curable) breast cancers in all density categories more than a mammogram alone.  40% of early-stage breast cancers are found with ultrasound screening often missed by mammograms.

Transvaginal ultrasound is the only proven effective strategy to screen for early-stage endometrial, ovarian, and tubal cancers.  It is performed in-office comfortably and WITHOUT a full bladder.

Candidates for screening are any woman age 25 to 95 with a 5-year life expectancy or longer.  Screening ultrasound in the absence of symptoms or other findings is generally not available in imaging centers.

COST: IS COST A FACTOR?  We strive to lessen the burden of costs for your checkups.  Many health plans require you to pay for your care until your deductible is met.  We can help you choose your best value in screening and work within your budget.

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