In my everyday conversations with women I am often asked questions that relate to one’s general health, women’s health, especially breast and pelvic issues, peri-menopause, menopause, sexuality, bladder issues, cancer prevention, and early detection and osteoporosis to name a few. Wow…. that’s a lot to cover!

And, that’s my practice focus, interest and passion. I truly enjoy gathering the information, testing results, the individual’s interests and goals to create a ‘health map’. This in turn defines where one is and provides clear guidance for the best plan of action. A plan that is evidence-based, makes sense and is useful.

So, join us in this exciting adventure. One that dramatically improves your chance of living a LONG life coupled with a high QUALITY of life. Our entire practice is now specialized in minimizing your risk of dying from cancer. It simply means lowering your risk of acquiring cancer and finding it EARLY if it should occur.

Join us in this exciting endeavor and stay tuned for the latest in individualized, tailored strategies to accomplish your health goals!

Dr. A.