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October 21, 2016
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I want to address the so-called patient-physician relationship.  Since before Hippocrates, patients and physicians have strived to craft an ethical, practical and useful relationship not just in concept but in true reality.  So what is this entity and how can it serve you?

It starts with mutual trust.  A trust that is open, honest and constructive.  This relationship is very confidential, especially given the nature of gynecology for women's health and urology for men and women.  We strive to keep it that way.  There are many forces that threaten and distract this relationship including government, insurance companies, electronic health records and different expert panels that disagree with each other in an effort to 'cook book' your care...just to name a few. 

I want to live up to a higher standard...one that takes the best of the old school and the new and always includes experienced clinical judgment and shared decision making.  It's combining high-technology with active listening and health planning.  You are the centerpiece, advocate and coordinator of your own health care.  This in turn saves morbidity, mortality and cost. 

Thanks for being a part of and standing for this exciting movement in healthcare.  American healthcare is the best in the world and we can continue to make it better.  Please share your thoughts.

John T. Armstrong Jr. MD MS