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I am delighted to see a continued focus in prior and new research on the value of ultrasound screening for the EARLY detection of breast and ovarian cancer.

1)  BREAST CANCER EARLY DETECTION:  Simple and proper risk assessment, proper self-breast exam, experienced physician breast examination, mammography and in-office physician performed ultrasound is our best strategy for detecting early stage, node-negative breast cancers.  This, in turn, gives us our best chance of saving the breast and long-term cure with minimal therapies required.  Breast density continues to be studied as an independent risk factor for breast cancer and one of the several indications for performing an ultrasound.  I will soon attend a 3-day international conference on this subject at UCSF.

2)  OVARIAN CANCER EARLY DETECTION:  Continued results of the largest US clinical trial (University of Kentucky) and also the recent extension of the UK (England) Collaborative Trial of 202,638 women confirms a significant reduction in mortality and improved quality of life with the use of screening trans-vaginal ultrasound and CA-125 blood testing.  This technique works well and is cost-effective when performed in-office using hi-resolution equipment with accurate interpretation.  This eliminates the potential for false-positive results and unnecessary interventions. 

We continue to expand our screening services and are excited about how simple, accurate and cost-effective this approach is for saving lives.  Stay tuned!

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