While there is no question that mammograms are effective in saving lives from breast cancer, they are by no means perfect in finding all early stage abnormalities. Mammography is quite accurate in smooth and translucent breasts yet are only 50% capable of finding small cancers in women with dense breasts (85% of the population). Therefore it is critical that we access additional screening methodologies to improve the pickup rate for early, localized cancers. Currently available and simple strategies to accomplish this goal are tried and proven. Note the following:

  • 15% of breast cancers are found by the woman herself if she is performing self breast exams (SBE) monthly with proper technique.
  • A large number of breast cancers are found by ultrasound, not seen on mammography.

Many women are reluctant to have a mammogram for several reasons: 

  • Fear of the small amount of radiation exposure.
  • For some…the unpleasant (painful) compression of the breast required to obtain theimage.
  • The concern for releasing abnormal cells into the circulation (unlikely).
  • The occasional request to return for more images.
  • Cost

So, if you are reluctant to have a mammogram at the recommended scheduled interval, are
unsure or inconsistent with performing a SBE consistently, have ‘dense breasts’ as do 85% of the
population or would simply like the additional assurance of healthy breast status, come to our
office for the simplest and best breast surveillance available…BREAST ULTRASOUND. It is
safe, effective, painless and radiation free. We specialize in and have years of experience with
this technology.

BECAUSE KNOWLEDGE IS A POWERFUL TOOL Women and their families often worry
over the ‘what ifs’, misconceptions and perceived unknowns of breast and pelvic cancers.
Knowing your individual and families risk status and being armed with accurate and useful
information plus screening…you will have a tailored prevention and surveillance strategy that
replaces any worry with full confidence.