Dear Loyal Patient:

I would like to update you on our practice style and tell you about our renewed commitment to accommodate your referrals to our practice.

We have set aside SAME and NEXT DAY appointment slots for urgent matters for you and your referrals.  With a recent redesign of our schedule, we have the TIME to do the best care up front with even greater access to prompt scheduling.  This is essentially CONCIERGE style care WITHOUT the additional membership fee.

Most of us have insurance plans with high deductible out of pocket costs.  It is ever so important to seek the best value in health care (quality and access) with the least cost.  So as patient and physician how do we accomplish this and reduce the need for costly Emergency Departments and hospitalizations?  The answer…rapid access.

As you may know, I have focused my practice for the last several years on Women’s Health, Gynecology and pregnancy to 12 weeks. We continue to LISTEN to your health needs and concerns by focusing on wellness, prevention of disease and early detection through:

  1. Breast, Uterine, and Ovarian Cancer Screening with comfortable hi-definition ultrasound.
  2. Comfortable colposcopy to evaluate the cervix for ASCUS, CIN pap results, and + HPV rather than ‘wait and wonder’ about these important conditions.
  3. At-the-visit interpretation and clinical correlation (what to do with the results and findings).
  4. PMS, peri-menopause and menopause care… Safely and Effectively.
  5. Osteoporosis prevention and treatment.
  6. Non-surgical management of Urinary Incontinence.
  7. Full-service Gynecologic Surgery.
  8. In Office Cryo-ablation treatment for Heavy Periods.
  9. Fees for service that are 1/10th the cost of hospital and imaging center rates.

Extra TIME is spent for question and answer and coordinating your women’s health needs ‘holistically’.  Our average visit is ONE HOUR for a new and 45 minutes for an established patient.  You have after hours cell phone access to Dr. Armstrong for urgent matters.

Thanks again for your trust and let us know of any other ways we can serve you, your friends and family.  HAPPY SPRING TIME!

Dr. Armstrong and Staff    (707) 257-4317