With the Presidential Election just over, many are asking:


Of course, it is too early to predict with any accuracy the survivability, modification or repeal of ObamaCare.  So, in the mean time a few pointers may help.

Don’t panic.

Realize that health insurance is fundamentally designed for major medical care just as home and auto insurance covers fire, theft and collision and does not cover important maintenance items.

Perhaps it is best to for us as consumers to shop and choose our best value in wellness, preventive care and early detection of disease through proper and effective screening strategies.  With high deductible plans becoming more numerous, it would follow that we must budget for this part of our care separately. 

Though we are all thankful for our life saving facilities, partner with your physician team to help enhance your overall health thereby minimizing your risk of illness, injury and your need for the Emergency Room and/or Hospital.

Stay tuned---this topic will stay very interesting!

To your health…

Dr. Armstrong