May 24, 2017
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What is an INTERVAL cancer?
An INTERVAL cancer is a cancer that occurs and shows up SOONER that the planned TIME INTERVAL for screening.  Remember the purpose of screening is to identify serious disease before it produces signs or symptoms that the person would notice...(lump, bump, pain, unusual bleeding, change in bodily functions, etc).  It simply means that the detectability and growth rate of the individual's cancer outpaced the next planned screening date and was found later that desired.
What to do?
Easy!  Simply shorten the time interval for screening to look more closely and sooner.  That's part of our COMPREHENSIVE plan to find small cancers as early as possible thereby improving cure rates and saving lives.  With the newest research and state-of-the-art technology, we can individualize and tailor a screening plan and timing interval to OUTPACE the cancer before signs or symptoms occur.  
Put TIME in YOUR favor.  So if you or your loved one ever acquires cancer, you have the best chance for cure with the simplest form of treatment.

It's all about EARLY DETECTION and it's about TIME.  

To your health!