You probably received an email or letter from us in October 2020 regarding a ‘touch base’ appointment at 6-months from your last annual visit.  As mentioned, there is simply too much to cover at the usual annual visit in 45 to 60 minutes.  The purpose of this additional visit is to review and update your most important women’s health and general health issues to help you stay on track during these challenging times. 

We continue to refine and master the coordination of your primary health care and women’s specialty needs.  We are unique in providing in-office bilateral breast and pelvic ultrasound for screening of early-stage cancers and pre-cancers (35-year experience).  Your plan will be individualized according to your stage of life, current and past health status and future desires.  We will strive to minimize your health care costs by helping you choose the best value for in (and out of) network care, screenings, laboratory testing, contraception, hormone replacement and other prescription medications.

I am optimistic and excited about this proactive approach as we move into a new season of managing the Big 7 health risks for women. 

Our office remains Covid SAFE with strict hygiene, exhaust ventilation technology and only one patient in the office at a time.  For those who prefer, virtual phone and facetime visits are also available. 

Feel free to call with questions and/or to schedule a convenient time for your 6-month ‘touch base’ appointment.  Simply follow our easy ‘Preparation for My Visit’ protocol.  Insurance covers these follow-up visits with appropriate billing codes per usual.  Be well, be safe and feel assured that you can continue your care with us as before.  We are honored by and appreciate your referrals.

Because your health matters, cancer prevention works and it’s about TIME.

Sincerely and To Your Health!

Dr. Armstrong and Staff


John T. Armstrong, Jr. MD, MS and Staff
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Napa, California 94558 - United States
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