Screening And Prevention


Do you know the numbers for women’s BREAST AND PELVIC cancers? We can help you understand how common, serious and silent these diseases are and then realize the GOOD NEWS and value of a simple, proactive and individualized plan to identify breast and pelvic cancers early and often prevent women’s cancer entirely.

The slogan of the American Cancer Society…’EARLY DETECTION is Our Best Protection’ is still our guiding light in the fight against these devastating diseases.

Visit the first and only comprehensive clinical BREAST AND OVARIAN CANCER SCREENING in Northern California. We specialize in:

• Breast and pelvic cancer risk assessment.

• Wellness and prevention strategies for women’s cancers.

• Evidence-based, state-of-the-art hi-definition, trans-vaginal ultrasound (sonogram) screening for women’s pelvic cancers utilizing the Yale University, University of Kentucky and United Kingdom protocols. This technique is very effective, comfortable and does NOT require a full bladder. Read more…See Ovarian Cancer Prevention and Early Detection.

• Ancillary screening and diagnostic breast ultrasound testing for women with dense breasts by mammography and/or palpation. Ultrasound breast cancer screening is highly accurate (Johns Hopkins University), painless (requires no compression or squeezing) and radiation-free. It is FDA approved and recommended by California law SB 1538 as of April 2013 for women with dense breasts (approximately 85% of the female population).


We accept Medicare  and most insurance  plans.  For those not on contract we work  with you and your insurance  plan as out-of-network providers and strive to have your out-of-pocket cost be affordable.  Some PPO’s cover screening of this type and some do not. We bill your insurance  for you in standard fashion  and then charge your credit or debit card if there is a balance.  Please call our office for current fees.

In Summary:

If you are female age 25 or older, can feel textures, ridges, lumps and/or have dense breasts on mammograms, you are in good company…85% of women  fall into these categories.   The law requires that you be informed of these potential risks and with good information, risk assessment and proper screening, all of these risks are manageable.  Reassure yourself that your breasts are benign and have the highest chance of early detection and cure should you encounter breast cancer.

To Your Health!

Dr. Armstrong and Staff