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January 18, 2018
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Through the years our practice has followed the 3 main principles of high-quality point-of-care imaging:

  • The best state-of-the-art equipment.
  • The highest training and experience in interpretation.
  • Open access and affordability.

We have just acquired the latest ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION ULTRASOUND...The Toshiba Xario-100 with Color Doppler.

Combined with more up to date research on the value of ultrasound for diagnosis and screening we are expanding our mission...to make breast and ovarian cancer history.  Feel free to share this news and we always appreciate your referrals.


John T. Armstrong Jr. MD and Staff
Ultrasound Breast and Ovarian Cancer Screening of the Napa Valley


Have you ever waited for or passed over a special date for a health promotion?  Haven't we all?

Soon we launch our expanded service for ultrasound breast and ovarian cancer screening in the Napa Valley.  Where every day is available for scheduling the highest quality, most experienced, evidence-based breast and ovarian health program in one location.

Join with us in reducing the 56,000 women in one year in the US alone who die from advanced breast and ovarian cancer.


Most insurances accepted.  Call (707) 257-4317 or go to our Website at

July 03, 2017
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In my everyday conversations with women I am often asked questions that relate to one’s general health, women’s health, especially breast and pelvic issues, peri-menopause, menopause, sexuality, bladder issues, cancer prevention, and early detection and osteoporosis to name a few. Wow…. that’s a lot to cover!

And, that’s my practice focus, interest and passion. I truly enjoy gathering the information, testing results, the individual’s interests and goals to create a ‘health map’. This in turn defines where one is and provides clear guidance for the best plan of action. A plan that is evidence-based, makes sense and is useful.

So, join us in this exciting adventure. One that dramatically improves your chance of living a LONG life coupled with a high QUALITY of life. Our entire practice is now specialized in minimizing your risk of dying from cancer. It simply means lowering your risk of acquiring cancer and finding it EARLY if it should occur.

Join us in this exciting endeavor and stay tuned for the latest in individualized, tailored strategies to accomplish your health goals!

Dr. A.

May 24, 2017
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What is an INTERVAL cancer?
An INTERVAL cancer is a cancer that occurs and shows up SOONER that the planned TIME INTERVAL for screening.  Remember the purpose of screening is to identify serious disease before it produces signs or symptoms that the person would notice...(lump, bump, pain, unusual bleeding, change in bodily functions, etc).  It simply means that the detectability and growth rate of the individual's cancer outpaced the next planned screening date and was found later that desired.
What to do?
Easy!  Simply shorten the time interval for screening to look more closely and sooner.  That's part of our COMPREHENSIVE plan to find small cancers as early as possible thereby improving cure rates and saving lives.  With the newest research and state-of-the-art technology, we can individualize and tailor a screening plan and timing interval to OUTPACE the cancer before signs or symptoms occur.  
Put TIME in YOUR favor.  So if you or your loved one ever acquires cancer, you have the best chance for cure with the simplest form of treatment.

It's all about EARLY DETECTION and it's about TIME.  

To your health!

I am delighted to see a continued focus in prior and new research on the value of ultrasound screening for the EARLY detection of breast and ovarian cancer.

1)  BREAST CANCER EARLY DETECTION:  Simple and proper risk assessment, proper self-breast exam, experienced physician breast examination, mammography and in-office physician performed ultrasound is our best strategy for detecting early stage, node-negative breast cancers.  This, in turn, gives us our best chance of saving the breast and long-term cure with minimal therapies required.  Breast density continues to be studied as an independent risk factor for breast cancer and one of the several indications for performing an ultrasound.  I will soon attend a 3-day international conference on this subject at UCSF.

2)  OVARIAN CANCER EARLY DETECTION:  Continued results of the largest US clinical trial (University of Kentucky) and also the recent extension of the UK (England) Collaborative Trial of 202,638 women confirms a significant reduction in mortality and improved quality of life with the use of screening trans-vaginal ultrasound and CA-125 blood testing.  This technique works well and is cost-effective when performed in-office using hi-resolution equipment with accurate interpretation.  This eliminates the potential for false-positive results and unnecessary interventions. 

We continue to expand our screening services and are excited about how simple, accurate and cost-effective this approach is for saving lives.  Stay tuned!

To Your Health...
Dr. A.

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